Improper Shingle Installation

This article and accompanying pictures demonstrate the importance of properly nailing the shingles when they are being installed on your roof.

We are often called to replace shingles that have simply slid off of the roof. The first question we receive is, "Why did this happen?"

You can see the house on the left has four missing shingles. These were discovered by the homeowner to be laying in their landscaping. They were inside when it happened and they could hear them slide off the roof and fall onto the ground.

They wondered why it happened of course, so I showed them the way these shingles were incorrectly nailed onto the roof. The picture of the shingles that slid off is below.


I've highlighted in green the area where the nails should go. The yellow arrows indicate where the nails were actually placed in this installation.

You can see that the nails did not go through the top shingle and then into the shingle beneath it. Had they been nailed in the green "nail line" then each shingle would have had ten nails holding it on to the roof instead of the five it had because they were placed too high.

This is one of the many details that can't be overlooked in a proper roof installation.

These shingles had a white line that indicated where the nails should be placed, which is common now. The manufacturers say that improper nail placement is becoming the most common form of roof failure.


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