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I recently spoke with the area Rep from CertainTeed and the Landmark Solaris solar reflective shingles are available in Columbus. We have been getting inquiries about this shingle from folks that were interested in both the energy savings and the tax credit of up to $1500. The only choice homeowners had in a solar reflective asphalt shingle was white. The benefit of the Solaris shingle is that it offers reflectivity while expanding your color choices.


























CertainTeed has treated the granules in the shingle to reflect solar energy better than regular shingles. They can reduce the temperature of your roof up to 20% in the summer.

The singles are more expensive than their non-reflective counterparts and the tax credit wouldn't make up for the entire difference. I haven't been able to find any research on the energy savings after the installation of the new roof, but I'm guessing over time it would end up being at a least a break even deal.

If you would like more information you find this link to Energy Star helpful.

You can also get more info from CertainTeed here.

Our role as a CertainTeed credentialed Select Shingle Roofer allows us to offer enhanced warranties on a Landmark Solaris installation. If you would like to pursue this green roofing alternative, please call to schedule an estimate.


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