Porch Roof Repair

One of the more common leaks we see on our roof estimates are leaks at the roof pitch transition. These types of roof leaks are even more common on room additions and porch additions that were added after the house was built.

There are two factors at work here. One is the transition from a higher pitch to a lower pitched roof. If not tied in correctly this can be a leak source. The other is that we find that the construction phase of the addition was performed by folks that weren't all that familiar with roofing. We often find well executed room or porch additions that weren't tied into the existing roof very well.

We were recently called in to do such a repair on a screened in porch. The porch was added onto a house with a higher pitched roof. The shingles were installed improperly, that is they were installed onto the upper roof instead of beneath. On a sloped roof the shingles should always shed water onto the shingles below them.

They then used aluminum stock to span the gap. This, surprisingly, worked for a number of years, at least well enough to not allow water to appear inside the porch. We could tell by the rusty roofing nail heads that water was penetrating at the transition.

To repair this roof we removed three feet of shingle at the transition. Then we installed ice and water shield over the wood decking. We then replaced the shingles. This is the proper way to join these two roof sections together.

The original roofer didn't install algae resistant shingle so you can see some unavoidable color difference. It's important to use ice and water shield on these roof pitch transitions when the roof is being replaced. This is a very common problem we see and it is inexpensive to add when replacing the roof and not so inexpensive when doing it later, not to mention the expense and inconvenience of repairing the leak damage.




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