Roof Maintenance


Regular roof maintenance can give you more life from your roof and protect you from unexpected leaks. It is especially important after the severe winter we have had. The life of your roof can be lengthened by regular roof maintenance. A small investment can pay dividends in the form of delaying roof replacement.

When you perform a scheduled roof maintenance we first clean the roof of any debris such as fallen branches, leaves, pine needles or anything else that is on the roof that shouldn't be. We then visually inspect the entire roof. We look at the condition of your shingles, checking for blistering, granule loss and pliability. Any missing or damaged shingles are replaced. The flashing gets inspected to make sure that it is not coming loose or is otherwise about to fail. The gutters are inspected to make sure that they are draining properly and that the downspouts aren't clogged. We also make sure that no true branches are causing damage to the roof. Finally we inspect for chimney deterioration in the mortar and the crown.

We frequently see tiny defects in roofs that eventually cause damage to the interior of the house. It's much better to repair these early before they rot wood or cause enough damage to necessitate replacing interior walls.

You can schedule a roof maintenance inspection with us. We clean off the roof, apply sealant to any flashing that needs it and give a complete report on the condition of the roof, gutters and chimney(s).

We are offering a spring tune up special for $189.

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