Winter Roof Repair

You Don't Have To Wait Until Spring

We are often asked if we do roof repairs in the winter time. The question may be because some roofing contractors close down for the winter and folks believe they have to wait until spring to have their roof repaired. We actually perform many repairs this time of year.

The cold winter temperatures create conditions that make a roof more likely to leak. There is the possibility of ice damming. Ice damming occurs when the melting snow gets trapped on the roof by the ice dam at the eave.  In addition, repairs are sometimes required because of the extreme contraction of the roofing materials. When this happens, gaps can be created that can allow water to enter the interior.

The rule of thumb is that if it is warm enough for your roof to leak, it is warm enough for us to repair it. The cause of the leaks are usually due to a defect that wasn't showing itself because some kind of caulk was applied that has now gapped. The cold temperatures cause the roofing materials to contract opening up gaps.

A properly installed roof isn't vulnerable to this type of gapping as standard roofing techniques don't rely on caulk to keep water out of the roof terminations.

We can quickly and accurately diagnose any roof problem you may be experiencing. We will provide a written estimate detailing a solution. Then we will repair your roof quickly, in a way that will prevent the area from leaking again.

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