Roof Replacement in Dublin

We recently completed a complete roof replacement for a family in Dublin. The roof was 14 years old. That seems to be just a little better than average for this area. The original roof was ventilated a little better than what we normally see. I suspect that contributed to the additional life.

It also helps that this roof is on the steep side, although this is prevalent with homes built since the 80's in Dublin. The roof would have lasted much longer had it been installed properly. The roofers that did the roof when the home was new used staples to fasten the shingles instead of nails. Since they weren't fastened properly, the homeowner had to frequently replace them due to wind blow off.

They also made a lot of mistakes or didn't take the kind of care necessary to assure the roof would be sound. The felt underlayment was installed haphazardly and there was an area in the front of the house where there was a missing piece of flashing that was causing a leak.

We also had to securely fasten all of the decking because the original builder didn't use enough nails. We found a few sheets of OSB decking with only four nails! One of the skylights had been leaking for quite a while as well. We had to replace some wood around the lower end of that skylight, along with some rotted wood decking in two other areas.

The homeowner opted to replace the old skylights with higher quality Velux skylights.

We can often complete a re-roofing project of this size in one day, but due to the deficiencies we had to correct it took two.

The home had 3-tab shingles in Weathered Wood and we replaced those with CertainTeed Landmark 30 shingles, also in Weathered Wood.


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