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One possible problem area of a roof can be where the chimney meets the roofing shingles .When your chimney has developed a leak you will usually notice water staining above the chimney when it rains. It will likely be on the ceiling and perhaps running down the wall as well. This indicates that the chimney flashing is allowing water in and needs to be re-flashed.

Leaking Chimney Flashing

The metal that joins the roof to the chimney is called the flashing. It actually comes in two sections. The parts that are on the roof are called the step flashing, back pan and the apron flashing. The metal that goes into or on the chimney is called the counter flashing.

We are seeing many houses that have leaking chimneys because the flashing wasn't replaced when the roof was. The other, less likely reason is that the chimney flashing simply has a defect in it.

The chimney on the right is an example of one that didn't get redone when the roof was replaced. The work was done by a storm chaser that replaced it because of the hail storm we experienced in the Columbus area in 2003.

The stormchaser didn't replace the metal flashing and it was leaking. The homeowner tried to apply roof cement as a fix and though it seemed to work for a little while it began leaking again. They called us to replace the metal flashing to permanently stop the leak. from leaking chimney flashing

After we removed the metal flashing the water staining from the leak is quite apparent. You can see from the picture the staining that is all along the area of wood next to the chimney. If this area was not leaking the wood would be the same color. Unfortunately applying roof cement or any other type of caulk product won't prevent the area from leaking for very long. The only way to repair this permanently is to re-flash. This involves removing the old metal, installing ice and water shield along the base. Then install new metal flashing preferably using a heavy duty material like 26 gauge steel and re-install new shingles to replace the ones that were removed.

It's much more difficult to re-flash a chimney after the new roof is installed. I think the reason it often doesn't get done is that flashing the chimney is one of those corners that can be cut without anyone being the wiser until years later. The cost of the roof can be significantly lower if the chimney doesn't get re-flashed.

It's really a good idea to insist that the chimney gets redone when you are having your roof replaced and to make sure that it is actually done. The homeowners here were told that it was going to be replaced and assumed it was because the roofers had put a coat of paint over it. It's difficult to be sure form the ground what work was done unless you stand and watch them do it.

If you have any kind of leak in your roof we'll be happy to come and repair it. We offer a warranty on roof repairs and can get to it quickly.


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