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We are sometimes called in to repair a leak caused by or at the drip edge. The drip edge is the strip of metal that goes underneath the shingle and then down the side of the house. When we see leaks at the drip edge, it is usually where the gutters are because you get more runoff here. The homeowner usually notices that water is coming down between the gutter and the fascia,or they may see water dripping from the soffit area. We have even seen water coming into the house because of this.


We find that there are usually three reasons why they are having a problem.

  • The drip edge is channeling water behind the gutter.
  • The wood decking underneath the shingles doesn't come all the way down to the fascia board (the fasica board is what the gutters get attached to).
  • The back portion of the drip edge may have fallen into this gap and flip the front of the drip edge up. This creates a trough in the bottom course of shingle where the water can pool and go where it's not supposed to.
  • The shingles were installed without enough overhang over the roof edge, not allowing enough room for the water to get shed off before causing problems.


The fix  is to pull out the old drip edge and re-install it correctly.  This can mean:

  • Installing the drip edge so it is channeling the water into the gutter and not behind it.
  • Spanning the gap between the fascia board and the roof decking with wider drip edge than is normally used.
  • Install drip edge to cover the exposed edge at the roof caused by shingles installed without enough of the material overhanging the roof.


The drip edge pictured on the right had several defects. The back had pivoted into the gap caused between the decking and the fascia. You can see it has flipped up. The front edge also doesn't go into the gutter as it should.

As water drained off of the roof it got between the shingle and the drip edge metal and flowed underneath the shingles causing a leak.

The two sections should also have a two inch overlap instead of being butted together.

We took out the old drip edge metal and installed new metal that was made  larger than normal to span the gap between the deck and the fascia. It also had a bigger lip to ensure that it would drain into the gutter.

This leak was caused by a combination of a mistake made during the construction of the house and in the way the roof was subsequently installed. this is a fairly common problem and cause water damage before anyone notices it.


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