Shingle Blow Off

Missing Shingles

This refers to any roof repair that requires replacement of a small section of roofing that has missing shingles. There are several reasons why winds can blow off shingles from your roof. One is incorrect installation, usually due to improper placement of the nails securing the singles. Missing shingle can also be due to the seal failure of the shingle. Or it can possibly be due to winds exceeding the manufacture rating of the shingle.

When we find a roof that has a few shingles missing and we have not had damaging winds over 60 mph, we simply replace the missing and damaged shingles.
We carefully remove the damaged shingles that remain. We then reinstall new shingles matching the color and style as closely as possible and properly nailing them per manufacturer's specifications. Then we apply roof cement between the layers of shingle to insure that the old shingles bond with the new shingles. We thoroughly clean up any job related debris when the repair is completed.

One caveat about roofs that have sustained this type of damage is that other shingles may blow off in other areas in the future.  There is no accurate way to predict or prevent this or to determine whether or not it will even occur..

Our advice is that if you have had two instances of shingle blow off on your roof you should consider replacement. It is important to note that if you have experienced a wind storm of over 60 mph such as what we experienced here in Columbus, Ohio September of 2009, your roof should be inspected thoroughly for wind damage. It may also need replacement and would be covered as a loss on your homeowners insurance.
You may want to remember to look at every section of your roof occasionally as missing shingles may not cause a roof leak right away, but will as the felt deteriorates.

If you see some missing shingles on your neighbor's house you may want to mention it to them as some sections of their roof may be more visible from your property than theirs. We can replace any missing shingles you may have. We also stock out of production styles and colors just for repairs.



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