Solar Roof Vents

What is a solar vent?

A solar powered attic vent is an attic ventilation fan which runs completely from solar power. The traditional powered vent has been powered by AC current and had to be wired into the house. A solar vent operates identically except it is obviously powered by solar energy. There is a solar panel either attached to the vent or attached to the roof and wired to the vent. So a solar vent is a power roof vent powered by solar energy.

Powered vents are more effective than passive roof vents due to the volume of air they exchange over a given amount of time. The downside has been the expense to operate them and the effect that has on the environment. Solar vents eliminate this.

The benefit of cooling your attic space is that it will keep the house cooler. The insulation you have between the living space and the attic space is designed to keep the heat out, but the cooler the attic the better your insulation works. So you will use less energy to cool the house if you are using air conditioning or you will be more comfortable if you're not.

There are two ways to keep heat from entering your house. You can add insulation or you can exhaust the hot air out of the attic space. Most of the homes we inspect have adequate insulation, so the law of diminishing returns comes into play. You can reach the point where adding more insulation isn't going to produce much of an effect. Most roofs are ventilated but with passive venting such as gable end vents, ridge vents or other passive roof vents. There is room for improvement in that regard. By adding a solar powered vent you are lowering the temp of the attic because you are removing the hot air faster thus making the living space of your home without consuming more energy.

Solar Powered Vent Installation Considerations

The solar panel needs to be placed on the Southern or South Western side of the roof to get the proper amount of sun. Ideally you want to locate vents on the back of the house so this may play a role in your decision. Once you have determined the best location the next step is to cut a hole in the roof and install it!

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