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We are a full service roofing contractor serving the Columbus Ohio area. Roof Express plus was founded in 1996 by Vince Burns. We are a family owned roofing company performing complete roof replacement as well as repairs. In addition to roof repair and replacement, we also replace gutters and downspouts and perform masonry work on chimneys.

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If you decide to schedule a roof replacement with us, the process we use is as follows: First we meet with you to determine the scope of the job. This is an essential step in assuring your satisfaction. Every roof job presents unique circumstances and expectations that should be addressed at the initial stage of the project.

After you have received a detailed proposal and have decided to move forward; we will schedule a time to do the work. Prior to the commencement of the work we will order the roofing materials. They will be delivered either a day or two before the job starts or the day of the job. Either way we will alert you to the delivery time. It isn't necessary for you to be there when they are delivered however.

The day of the job we will arrive at a pre-arranged time in the morning. We will usually want to park a trailer close to the house in front of the garage. It's a good idea to move your car(s) prior to us getting there. You don't want to block yourself in the garage or have them around the house or trailer.

We will remove the old roofing shingles and place them in the dump trailer. The rest of the job will detailed in the proposal, but typically it addresses all issues. We prepare the roof decking by removing all the old roofing nails. We re-nail the decking. Install roofing felt over the decking. Re-flash the chimney, walls, skylights, valleys, vent pipes. We also bring the roof ventilation up to current specifications. Finally we install the shingles. We then clean out the gutters and the entire perimeter of the house.

We usually give a labor and materials warranty that is spelled out in detail in the proposal. It is important to note that the roofing warranties given by roofing contractors covering the labor come into play more often than the warranty for the roofing materials offered by the manufacturer.

If you decided to add gutters we install these after the roof is complete. The length of the job is dependent on the size of the project, but we typically complete the roof on a house in one day. We can give you an accurate idea of how long your job will take at the time of the estimate.

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